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Dearly Beloved Creations

Patron Saints of Music, Spooky Art, Stickers, T-Shirts, etc.!

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Reimagined Prayer Candles

Light your way with icons you can believe in


Custom Album Cover and Iconic Art

Weirdly Beloved Creations

Sculpted Art and Jewelry

Get Through This Thing Called, Life

Adorn Yourself


I’ve purchased 3 of these candles and they all look great! She’ll even work in little details and custom designs! It was a lot of fun designing our own candle to match our living room. Such good communication and fast shipping! Don’t delay, buy a candle today!

Anthony Raney

Ahhh-mazzzing! Literal tears of joy filled my eyes when I saw how gorgeous this candle is in real life! 😍 I own 4 candles from Dearly Beloved, with more to own in the near future.

Haley Eiden